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What do you listen to while you play wow? Share it with us. We now have a public collaborated playlist on Spotify for anyone to follow and and their favorite music to.

HTTP: Flex That Raid Songs
URI: Flex That Raid Songs

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by Holy on 09/15/2013 0
Good times,friendships and fun is what has kept many of us playing WOW but unfortunatly the game has been unable to keep the fun part going.The last 3 months of raiding have been about friendships and now with a new channel FFXIV for those friendships to continue this post is to announce that raiding for Tank That is offically ending after a WONDERFUL 2 1/2 year run,when i started this guild i never expected to meet people playing an online game that i could call friends but i did and i am thankful to all of you for that and as we start our next online adventure (FFXIV) together i hope the friendships continue and take us right into Titans when it's released.The mumble server will remain up and active for FFXIV and those of you remaining on wow are welcome to join us anytime to hang out and shoot the shit. I will retain control of the guild by making Aku's shaman GM in case at some point we decide to return..I wish EVERYONE the best of luck and fun in whatever online expierence you decide to pursue, i am proud to call all of you friends and consider many of you more like brothers to me! James (Holy)

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by Holy on 09/03/2013 0
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by Pay on 08/28/2013 6
After raiding last night, it sounded like a lot of us would like to switch to Final Fantasy XIV. I believe most everyone is willing to stay around for a full clear of Siege of Orgrimmar. I will most likely be buying my copy of ffxiv this afternoon to start working on my character. Last night I heard go to goblin server, so that is were I will be, if this is incorrect please let me know.

Also i am not sure how they do the friends list on this game, but please reply to this post with your ffxiv screen name so we can all get in contact with each other over there. And I will post mine once I have it.

Also playing a new game gives me a reason to do another site! lol! More >
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Everyone should be well rested and ready to raid again! We will be raiding again on our usual schedule starting this week. We will be running ToT until the new raid is released on Sept. 10th and than move to that content. So start learning these fights now! Video guides are posted in the forum section! More >
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5.4 will not be released until September 10th. More >
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Seems Steiny is still out of commission and patch should be next week, august 27. So we are going to take it easy so everyone can be well rested and ready for the new 5.4 raid. More >
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Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO) is just around the corner and Blizzard has just released the new trailer for it. If you haven't seen it yet. Click "more >" to watch now! And if you have already seen it, watch it again! :) More >
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Patch 5.4 is coming August 27, 2013! More >
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Blizzard recently trademarks "The Dark Below" as computer game software. More >